vs. Oil


Whether dining on veggies or a veggie pizza, men have oilier skin. In fact, men’s skin naturally produces up to 3-4 times more oil than women’s skin. Oilier skin is no reason to skip the moisturizer.


Our skin is up to 64% water, yet our skin can’t produce water but can produce oil. Imbalanced skin can have an abundance of oil (shiny, greasy skin) that’s dehydrated (may experience redness, itchiness, flakiness) all at the same time.


To keep skin balanced, comfortable, and looking its best, don’t skip the moisturizer. All of our moisturizers are formulated for men’s unique skin physiology. For very oily and breakout prone skin types, try Oil Control Moisturizer to hydrate and mattify. For 24 hours of lightweight hydration and energy, try Daily Rescue Energizing Face Lotion, suitable for all skin types.